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People who exercise are often inspired to make healthier dietary and lifestyle choices. These Transformation Kit and Blueprint Resources offer great information and tips for eating to meet your health and fitness goals. It's the type of information we offer in our Transformation Program, so if you would like more support and accountability, reach out to schedule a free Transformation Program consultation!

The Ultimate Transformation Resource Kit

From nutrition plans, to forming healthy habits, to how to meal prep, these 10 resources are staples to creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Click the button below to download and begin using!



Not sure where to get started?  It all starts with a plan.  And this plan is yours.  Download our Transformation Blueprint and use it to design the perfect plan for you and your goals.

21 Day's Home


Ready to begin working out and following a plan?  We created this 21 Day At-Home Challenge for our members when they would leave for vacation or head out of town for work, and now we’re giving it to you for free!  Transform any time, any place by clicking the button below and getting started!

a family-owned gym

Manic Training has been at the heart of the Ford family since it opened in 2011. Knowing that he had found his passion and purpose life, John bought it in 2012 and grew it into th thriving community that it is today.

John comes from a family of athletes and a lifelong passion for health and wellness. He loves to not only offer exceptional workouts but other health, lifestyle and nutrition guidance that he uses to help himself.

His wife Nicole helps behind the scene at Manic, and is a therapist, yoga teacher and workout enthusiast; she also has nutrition certifications and leads detox programs for Manic members.

After working out at Manic for almost 10 years, their son Eli came on board full time in 2024, and he brings fresh perspective and vision to Manic. Their daughter Arden is also a fitness enthusist and supports Manic's social media presence.

The Ford family loves to play and adventure, and they know how important fitness is to living a full life. It's why they embrace the motto

"Train In, Adventure Out."

The Fords feel honored to help other people live their best lives.

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